Makutsi Rondavel

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Makutsi Safari Springs South Africa 7th of Aug. 2014

Above company ist allowed to make use of these photos

in any form and for as long as required.

Unless otherwise agreed for third part the copyright term apply

that is:

no publishing in any form s permitted and is subject to payment to the copyright owner Martin Brinckmann (see below) This goes for online/internet as well.

The minimum fee of these photos is 250 Euro

for single use/publishing

opying or passing on of these photos are prohibited and there ist a penalty of 300 Euros on top in case of unpermitted use.

Fotos und Copyright:

Martin Brinckmann Hamburg

Tel 0171 – 411 12 95,

Konto: 0117 614 Deutsche Bank 24 BLZ 200 700 24

Meine Steuernummer : 43/070/00135/beim Finanzamt Barmbek-Uhlenhorst in Hamburg.

Ich bin steuerpflichtig mit dem ermaessigten Steuersatz bei kultureller oder Presse-Nutzung der Fotos. Fuer andere Verwendung gilt der normale Steuersatz

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